Help and feedback

Use this page to send us your feedback, requests, and support questions. To be able to help you, please observe the following guidelines:

Technical issues, bug reports, etc.: Provide as much relevant information as possible. Include details about your operating system, hardware, etc.

Phone support: Being a small company with limited resources, we are unable to provide any phone support. Send us an e-mail, and we promise to reply as soon as possible.

No reply? Sometimes, we are unable to send a reply. Some common reasons include: Invalid address, disk quota exceeded, spam filters, etc. If mail doesn't work, try to contact us via Facebook.

Lost your registration details? To be able to help you, please include as much information as possible: When did you register? How? Include your full name and address, phone number, etc. Anything that can help us verify your registration.

Program updates: Registered users can download the latest program version by clicking on Help > Upgrade in the program menu (Internet connection required).

Facebook: Follow No Nonsense Software on Facebook for information about program updates, special offers, support questions and other important information.

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